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Devoted to Lavazza's Espresso Point Matinee


The Espresso Point Matinee by Lavazza is a reliable capsule machine that produces wonderful shots of espresso time after time at the push of a button. It is a workhorse capable of handling the dinner rush in a restaurant setting, while also being handsome enough to show off on your kitchen counter. With proper use and routine maintenance, you can enjoy Lavazza espresso for many, many years to come! We offer over 30 years of combined experience servicing  Lavazza's Espresso Point Matinee and only use Lavazza manufactured parts for repairs. Check out the FAQ's & INFO page to ensure proper use of your Espresso Point. Bevi!

Espresso Point Repairs and Service


Contact us to schedule service for your Espresso Point. You can arrange to drop off or ship your Espresso Point to our address for repair. Either way, please affix your contact information (name, phone number and Email address) to your machine. We do not require the top of the unit, the disposed capsule drawer nor the power cord for repair service. We offer free estimates.


Purchase Espresso Point Capsules


At this time we do not have an on-line store to purchase Lavazza capsules, however you can use the CONTACT US page to request capsule orders. You will receive an invoice via Email with FedEx tracking and payment information. Our loyal capsule-ordering customers receive special discounts on service and extended warranties on parts replaced. Visit the CAPSULES page to review all espresso blends currently available.